Friday, February 24, 2006

Warming up for the medal stand!

Ok, we have made progress. All the pieces of this baby sweater are blocked and ready to assemble. Olympic gold is within sight!!!

You can see in the above photo, if you look carefully, that I have had some assisitance. I hope this doesn't disqualify me! Cosmic, the household cat, loves to help block items. At night or when we aren't looking, he sits on the item and pulls out the pins, one by one. To date he has not consumed any pins, he just puts them somewhat neatly next to the item, as you can see on the left and in the photo below!!

I decided not to follow the directions on the shoulders. Rather than bind off, I put the live shoulder stitches on holders and I will do a three needle bindoff. That is much neater, I believe, than binding off and then sewing together. Also, faster!

Here's proof that the sleeves are also done and that Cosmic helped with those as well!!

I hope that Sasha Cohen's fall in the long program is not a premonition of my finish! I plan to finish this baby tonight!!

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betty said...

I did a very similar thing with Jan's sweater! I didn't bin off, and did a three needle bind off when the front was finished.

But he's been ill, and I haven't slept much at nights... so I still have to begin the sleeves! Snif! I'm not getting there in time!

But I tried! Good luck to you!