Sunday, February 12, 2006

Brave but bad start!

Problems with Entry!
Well, the knitting Olympics shows that I'm not a very good Olympian. First, I had registered to knit a Tomten Jacket, by ElizabethZimmerman. I should have read the pattern before I registered! This entry is to be a baby/toddler present. The first instructions for the pattern say that one should cast on as many stitches as one needs!! I don't have the toddler to measure! Sorry, EZ, I need to be a blind follower on this one.

Therefore, the first part of the opening ceremonies was spent looking through patterns and books to find a similar hooded toddler sweater. Didn't find one. Meanwhile, the opening acts are continuing and the parade of nations looms. Finally, I decided on a cute toddler gansey from Debbie Bliss, Great Knits for Kids.

Late but Good Start!!
So, here I am with my Toasty Toes yarn, doing the swatch, with the Olympic ceremonies in the background!I've left the starting block, I'm competing!!

Crash and Burn on the Turn!
Next photo is the knitting equivalent of the speed skater crashing on the turn! I realized with the swatch that I knit looser than the gauge requires. Therefore, I decided to go down a needle size. Good. Do I need to do another swatch??? Noooooooo. I need to get rolling on this thing before the torch is lit!!

So, I cast on, and gleefully knit. Wait a minute, this seems much to wide for a one year old. Measure---instead of 13.5 inches wide this back is 15 inches wide. Rip it, frog it!!!

Good Recovery!!
Next day, I go to my friendly LYS and knit away. Looking good.

Sunday morning, I knit at church--sitting in the hallway so as not to disturb non-Olympians. I'm now 14 inches into this back. Happy? Gold medal on the horizon??? NNNOOOOO. The back now is 12.75 inches wide, not 13.5. Time to consult with the coach--do I go back to the starting line and try for the 13.5, or, do I scramble and make the front 14" wide so I can cross the finish line before the Olympics are over??

All suggestions welcome. Meanwhile, I think I'll join Cosmic here for a while and veg out!!


betty said...

you are a great olympic knitter!
imagine me! i joined the day before the torch was lit, but i still haven't caston! i must finish a baby blanket before, the girl is about to be born! so i will cast on Jan's sweater after the blanket. but... i'm really working furiously on the blanket, so i think it counts! at least my spirit is olympic! ;)

(and i did knit and frog many times, i think this is the olympic stres, hhahahaa!).

Gail, I miss you a lot. I can't wait until you visit us!

Spiderlady said...

I'm with the cat!!!! I am knitting a girdle? with flowers on it!!! It won't even be a descent tea cozy.