Monday, February 20, 2006

Progress on all fronts

My Olympic entry is progressing. I finished the front and have begun working simultaneously on the sleeves. (no photo of the front since it looks surprisingly similar to the back and I have to get at my course homework!!) It remains to be seen whether I have enough yarn to complete the project. I did not use the yarn called for in the pattern and I substituted Toasty Toes sock yarn instead. The yarn is wonderful, brilliant colors, soft--all good things a yarn should be. Unfortunately, it costs about $35 per hank. Therefore, I don't want to have to purchase another hank just to do the neck ribbing at the end. the sleeves are typical wide gansey sleeves. Therefore, I have been increasing more slowly than the pattern calls for, in an effort to save yarn. If necessary, I figure i can locate some coordinating color for the neck if necessary, and put a strip of that color at or near the tops of the sleeves.

On another front things are progressing as well. Last week my mother, who was staying for a month with a sister who is a physician, had chest pains. Although she has been weak, dizzy and having irregular heart beats for more than a year, all the cardiologists said her heart was strong and that she was fine. We were frustrated that no one seemed to be taking a weak, petite, unassertive elderly woman seriously. Something was wrong!! Finally, when a pain episode occured while at my sister's, she went to the emergency room at a hospital where my sister knows doctors.
Finally, someone took her seriously. They did a heart catheterization and found an artery that was 80% blocked. They immediately put in a stint. Mom is still recovering. We are hopeful that some of her problems will be solved. Meanwhile, she has been dogged with constant dizziness and exhaustion as well. She has started being on oxygen at night. Let's hope that this helps as well. Unfortunately, I can't knit her new arteries or a cure for the dizziness. I tried shawls, gloves, etc., etc., but nothing worked!

I hope you are making progress on your projects and lives!!


betty said...

I'm happy your mother is recovering! And the good thing, is that at last they finally found the cause!

Today I've discovered you were a curling player (?). You're a box full of surprises! I bet you're enjoying the Games, then! :)

Thank you for your comments on the blanket. I hope the recipients like it!

SweetPeaknits said...

THank you so much for your kind words to me. They meant so much.

Your progressing well with your olypmic knit. Can't wait to see it finished.