Monday, February 27, 2006

Hooray!!! She claims the gold!

I finished the sweater yesterday, Sunday, before the closing ceremonies were broadcast here in Boulder, Colorado. It is all sewn together, blocked and has cute green star buttons on it. I took a photo of it in front of the TV, showing the end of the x-c ski race! Unfortunately, my brother in law's connection wire for his computer has the wrong size ending for my camera! I'll post a photo when I get back, or see what else we can do to get a photo up.

My mom is very weak and doesn't feel well most of the time. She is able to walk from one room to another in the house, around the house "circle", and then goes back to the sofa. I helped her to walk up two steps, then down. And, she balanced on an exercise ball for 2-3 minutes. That's it for the day. She has a good appetite but it is a struggle to get fluids down her. She hates to drink, saying she isn't thirsty. Maybe tomorrow we can walk out the front door and down the drive way to the sidewalk.

Happy crossing the finish line to all you knitting Olympians!!

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