Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring cleaning

Ok, spring is definitely here, complete with daffodils that have finished their bloom and tulips that are waning! This means it's time for spring cleaning. No, I don't mean sweeping the cobwebs from the corners, I mean cleaning out the various knitting bags of their unfinished objects and FINISHING THEM. Or, at least, making a stab at finishing them.

My first finished object is the little toddler hooded jacket that I started sometime this winter, when I was waiting for my (dear) husband to select the colors for his Dale of Norway sweater. I was so frustrated with his inability to focus on the task and make a decision that I started another project, with yarn from my stash. I don't even know where I got the yarn. It didn't have any labels. I believe it is acrylic, but it is cute! Here it is. My daughter's church choir director has a two year old, vivacious daughter. I think it will be perfect for her. (pattern is Lillie's Little Sweater, knit all in one piece from the hood down, from Cottage Creations. No web site.)
My daughter had her coming of age ceremony at our church last weekend. It was an emotional ceremony, watching our baby be acknowledged as passing from child to more mature adolescent. In our church, the kids must write their own statement of faith; that is, their religious beliefs. They also design the ceremony, and perform the music. My dear child wrote a beautiful statement, and of course, it was the best and most sincere of all!! Here she is!
At our child dedication ceremony, shortly after birth, we give children a rose with all the thorns removed, representing the beauty of the world as we wish we could give to them--without sorrow. Now, at coming of age, we give the kids roses with thorns, recognizing that they now are increasingly able to deal with life's sorrows as well as its beauty.

Unfortunately, this must be the end of this blog entry. I have tried three times to add other photos, add to this post and publish it. Each time Blogger tells me that it has successfully loaded the photos, then they don't appear. or, the photos appear and I write lots of great commentary, and the blog won't publish. I am quitting for today while I am ahead!!


persones llanes said...

What a nice ceremony! And you daughter looks just beautiful!!

betty said...

i agree with jennifer! she's beautiful!!

...and so is the hooded sweater! and knitted in one piece! i love that! the less seaming, the better pattern! ;)

magdalena said...

Gail agradezco tus gentiles palbras,después de tantos años tejiendo es facil que las cosas resulten casi bien.No tengo ya niños,ni nietos para ponerse esas cositas.Tengo 81 años y mi nieto más joven 17.He visto a tu hija !!Que bonita...!!!
¿vives es UK?Yo tengo a mi hija mayor viviendo en Cornwall.En St.Just.Ella está casada con un escultor y pintor inglés y trabaja en Truro,en una Extensión de la Universidad,es profesora de Historia del Arte.
Yo me enamoré de uno de tus chales y pretendo que Betty,que lo ha hecho ,me ayude un poco.Te saludo con afecto.

Mama Bear said...

Oh my I have never seen the fluffy yarn used in the toddler before, except in my own old stash, until your blog! So...I just had to comment.

I found your blog through a link at knitters review about your full body sock afghan, and then saw the toddler jacket! I was making a sweater from that yarn for my daughter when she was 10. I never finished it. She's now married with two kids! I have the white with the fluffy yarn stuff and a cobalt blue with the same fluffs.

I didn't think I would ever use it and was on the verge of giving it away, when my great-niece was born last year and I was low on washable yarns and time to go shopping, I grabbed that yarn and made her a seamless sweater and booties!