Tuesday, May 16, 2006

First jaywalkers

Well, typically I don't jump on many bandwagons. But, I decided to try Jaywalker socks, because everyone seemed to be making them and I am always looking for a sock that stays up on my legs. So, here are my very first Jaywalkers, made out of a cotton/wool sock yarn, I think by Opal. I lost the label for the yarn! So sorry. I try to knit cotton/wool blend socks for the transition from winter to spring and fall to winter.
I find that the cotton/wool blend yarns knit more loosely and are not as elastic as wool/nylon blends. Therefore, my first attempt with this yarn was to use the full number of stitches. The cuff ended up "toooo loose", so I ripped it out, cast on fewer stitches and did the zig-zag design with six rather than seven stitches between increases and decreases. Well, this was "tooooo tight. So I ripped again and started with a reduced number of stitches for the cuff, then increased to the correct number for the zig-zag and this was "juuuuuusssst right."

Although the pattern is fine, I find that my favorite pattern is still the feather and fan stitch pattern, from Socks, socks, socks.

Nevertheless, my feet are very happy in the jaywalkers and I will try the pattern again this fall with wool only.

Here in Wisconsin the weather has been rain, cold, wind, rain, cold, wind. Not as much rain as in the northeast. My heart goes out to the flooded knitters in the Northeast of the U.S. May your yarn stay dry!


betty said...

i want to try some jaywalkers too... but i have so many projects in mind! and i'm walking sockless already! it's hot!

Cindy said...

Just read on DancesWithWool that you have a Grannymobile too! Ours is an Oldsmobile 88, champagne pink, and is guaranteed to add 30 years to the age of anyone driving it! We inherited it from my much-loved mother-in-law, and every time I drive it I think of her. She loved her car.

HPNY Knits said...

your sock yarn blanket is coming along very lovely. projects have a way of hijacking our minds. I totally relate to your "procrastination" post!

Kim in Oregon said...

Cute socks...I'm still working on my first one.