Sunday, April 23, 2006


I admit it, I am obsessed with basically no-brainer knitting. Once I started this left over sock yarn blanket I have become totally dedicated to making these bias squares and sewing them into the blanket. As you can see, the bias stripes formed by the self striping yarn create an optical illusion effect. I love it, as does the daughter for whom it is intended.

You can see that I have learned a bit in making and assembling the squares. I learned that one needs to create stripes if the leftover yarn is not self striping. Therefore, I have used two sock yarns in some squares to achieve a striped effect.
I have also learned that my patience is not as great as I thought it was. That is, I had intended this to be a long term project (read--over several years). But I have become obsessed. I am running out of sock yarn and I want to stand on the street corner, soliciting left over sock yarn so that I can finish the blanket this spring. I can't possibly generate enough left over sock yarn by knitting dozens of socks within the next two months!!! Hmm, maybe I could post an ad at the LYS!!!

Meanwhile, I have been teaching a class on making the Flower Basket Shawl. I hope to take photos at our last class in two weeks, so that I can post the beautiful shawls that have been made.

I haven't been knitting on any other projects mainly because I have been busy with school assignments. I am doing my student teaching at a local elementary school, in the school library. I spend lots of time reading books to kids and preparing for a big research project that will begin this week with the 5th graders. They will be researching famous people from the Civil War.

In addition, my dishwasher has refused to empty water. Since I don't have time to stay at home to wait for a repair person, I need to start doing dishes by hand. I know, this is not a big deal in terms of the world as a whole, but it does cut into knitting time!!

On a happier note, my 14 year old daughter is preparing for the coming of age ceremony at our church next week. We purchased a cute spagetti-strapped pink dress with a "tutu" underneath. When I was young, we called those "tutus" stick-out slips and my mother would starch them. Now, it is just gathered netting with no name; christened "tutus" by my daughter. She thinks this is a new style! Ha! What does she know??

How did she possibly get so old?? She is finishing her freshman year in high school and will be at home for only three more years before going off to college. Oh my, I don't know if I am prepared to be an empty-nester. My nest has been full for 30 years--my oldest is 29 years old now. I don't know what it will be like to have only my husband and myself at home. How lonely it will feel. Meanwhile, we are enjoying and getting the most out of every minute with the 14 year old. Because we each have had our older children leave our nests, we have come to cherish all moments with this daughter--even the hormone driven teenage "moments"--because we know that her life with us is so limited.


betty said...

the blanket is looking great. and i think i can help a little bit with the yarn: remember all the left over yarn you sent me last year? i didn't knit any socks for jan, as he refuses to wear handknit socks, so, i can sent it back if you wish! (and i think i have something else to send you, i must think)

i think you will be great when your last daughter leaves your nest... time to be alone again! here in spain children usually stay at home with their parents for too long... well into their thirties, and i think it's too much.

by the way how are your "barcelona plans" going on?

persones llanes said...

The blanket looks gorgeous! All those colorful stripes rally work well. What a fun project!

I can tell you that my parents started having the time of their lives once they were on their own and after (very) early retirement it got even better!

See you in June?

Kim in Oregon said...

That blanket is so cool! And a great idea for leftover sock yarn, heaven knows I have plenty of that!

I teach advertising in the School of Journalism and Communication. What didyour daughter major in?

Lorette said...

Great blanket! You'll have to post a picture of your daughter in her "tutu". It's amazing how fast they turn from babies to grown-up people.

m_maesbarayon said...

Gail,me encantan tus mantas. yo he hecho muchas y tengo algunas en el blog.Me gusta improvisar y algunas !me gustaban a mi...!!!
Las tuyas son preciosas

HPNY Knits said...

I love your idea of using the leftover yarn!! brilliant.