Monday, May 29, 2006

Lost: Violets by the River Shawl

I am beside myself with grief. Two weeks ago I could not find my Violets by the River Shawl. However, because I was over my head in completing assignments for the end of the semester, I did not have time to seriously look for it. Well, this morning I looked. it is no where to be found!! I made the shawl from a Hazel Carter pattern while I was living in Barcelona, Spain. It reminded me of my native Wisconsin, in whose honor she designed the shawl. It has violets--the state wild flower, rivers--the Mississippi and the Wisconsin and others, honeybees--the state insect (contrary to popular belief, the mosquito is NOT Wisconsin's state insect!!). I worked on the shawl mostly while sitting in the magnificent Turo Park, just around the corner from our apartment building. I had so many good feelings when I wore that shawl, from Barcelona and my beloved home state. I am beside myself with grief.


persones llanes said...

Oh Gail! That's terrible! Retrace your steps, breathe has to be somewhere. I'm crossing my fingers for you!

betty said...

i remember you working in that shawl!!

maybe you will find it in an unexpected place! good luck!

Lorette said...

That's just awful! I does indeed have to be somewhere, I just hope that "somewhere" is in your house.