Monday, May 08, 2006


Well, I should be writing my papers for the end of semester, which are due this week. and, I should be studying for my Spanish final exam, which is on Wednesday. But, it is much more fun to read knitting blogs and update mine. This is all further evidence that knitting is an addiction, but a profitable and fun one. Or, it could be evidence that I am a hopeless procrastinator and I have no self control whatever.

At any rate, above is the progress on the Full Body Sock Yarn Blanket! The bottom row is composed of squares from lefover sock yarn given to me by a friend. Thank you Jeanne Marie!!! You made gorgeous socks!

Last night I finished my first pair of Jaywalker socks that I made out of cotton/wool/nylon combination. I think that the pattern might work better with wool--no cotton. But I will wash the socks before I issue my final opinion and photo. Rather than finding the socks too tight, I found the socks too loose!!

I am having severe problems posting photos to my blog. I just lost four photos I was going to post. Rats!!! The problem has occurred with Mozilla as well as with Internet Explorer. I haven't changed anything in the camera, the software for putting photos on my computer, etc. I have concluded thaat I either have some type of interfering virus, or that Blogger has some problem. Rats!!

At any rate, yesterday I hosted a Literary Tea at my home. This means that I spent all day Saturday shopping and cleaning, etc., etc. On sunday morning, my 14 year old was pressed into service, as was my husband. Big thank yous to both of them.

I was going to post photos of the lucious tarts, cakes, etc., but they failed to upload. I was successful in loading one photo...

The vintage table cloths belong to Madge, the woman on the right. The tea was a fundraiser for the library in the School of Library and Information Studies. We had 11 people, and each brought a poem to read. After the tea, cakes, sherry and readings, we walked down the street to a neighbor's garden, to view her spectacular tulips and other bulbs, set in a hilly woods. Her gardener (she is now in her 80's) plants about 3,000 bulbs in the woods each fall!!!!! Her garden is a gift to the village in which we live, and to her many friends. She invites the entire village to walk through her garden each spring, when it is in full bloom. I think she gets as much pleasure watching people delight in the springtime blanket of color as from watching the tulips bloom herself!! Like a knitter, I suppose, who devotes hundreds of hours to make something beautiful out of a long string and two sticks, only to give it away to a friend!


urraca said...

Hola, Gail. Gracias por tus comentarios y por tu propuesta de traer lana a España. Te lo agradezco pero en julio yo ya no viviré allí. Gracias de todos modos.

Anímate con el concurso, no es tan difícil. Un saludo.

Lynne said...

Please tell where you got your idea for knitting afghan squares, book or?

Siri said...

That is going to be outrageaous. What am I saying? It ALREADY is! Coming across all my leftover sock yarns the other day, I'm tempted to get back to a similar project I started last summer. I've got to finish some other things first, though.
Have you ever seen this website?
She has some incredible blankets. Yours reminds me of one of hers.

Tilkkusisko said...

OMG! Your blanket is the most beautiful one I have ever seen! Marvellous!

Ava said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail, Love your site. When I travel, I buy yarn. I got some 5-ply wool/thread in Cape Town that came from Spain. All the label says is: San Marco (Made in Spain),handwash, flatdry. I need another 50g of this lana, any ideas? I'm a retired librarian and can't find on the Internet. Thanks, Pat