Tuesday, January 03, 2006

WTBCLB #3 and Meddling with Mittens

Ann G. has completed the third square for the Wrap This Baby in a Community of Love Blanket. Her square is uses all four colors, with a very simple but elegant design of her own creation.

The project is still fun, even though I ripped the beginnings of my square four times today, trying to get the correct gauge for 10". Oh, I know, I did a swatch but somehow I didn't believe that my calculations were correct! Sigh....

I've also been working on mittens from Charlene Schurch's book of ethnic designs from Russia. The book has been published twice, under different titles. I now own both, by mistake! I purchased Knitting Marvelous Mittens a few years ago, attracted by the mitten on the cover. I recently purchased a copy under another title, again attracted by the mitten on the cover, but not recognizing the title. Figuring I didn't have the book, I bought it again!!!

At any rate, my stash had some worsted weight wool and even though all the book's patterns call for fingering or sport weight yarn, I decided to substitute the worsted weight, using the same size needles. Result: marvelously thick mittens.

But, I had a problem. I tried another amendment to the pattern. After the corrugated ribbing, I decided to try 2 x 2 ribbing in one color, thinking that this would snug up the cuff even more. WRONG!!! Why I didn't rip it out immediately, I don't know. I must have been counting on that ever elusive knitting fairy to fix the problem. Well, I got carried away with the mitten and had finished it before coming to grips with the bulky ribbing that 'bagged" terribly at the wrist. So, I tried a drastic measure--I cut off the cuffs, picked up stitches, and worked from the mitten to the end of the cuff. I must have been inspired by the documentary I was watching about the Medici family and the various throat slittings to maintain family power!!

And, it worked!


betty said...

Gail you're the queen of the mitten! :) These ones are absolutely gorgeous!
I HAVE to make myself try stranded knitting, because I want to knit some of those! I promise I will try it... after the ten or eleven shawls I'm dying to knit, hahaha. No self-control here. :)

Mary Beth said...

Wow! Now that takes guts, and is a really impressive move! They look great in those strong colors!