Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Knitting v. Student Teaching and Final Squares

The second semester has begun and I am doing student teaching at a large high scho0l (2200 students), in the library. For my certification as a school librarian, I must spend a total of 210 hours in two school libraries. I chose to spend 140 hours at a high school and 70 hours at an elementary school. Today was basically introduction to the school and the library. The REAL librarian is very nice, but doesn't knit. At least she likes books and word games!! The library assistant can't remember how to cast on or off--and she wants to learn. In addition, there are three knitting clubs for students!!! Guess where I will be during the Wednesday lunch hour--knitting with the students!

The final squares for the WTBCLB (Wrap This Baby in a Community of Love Blanket) have been submitted and Gerda, a lovely elderly Danish woman, is assembling the masterpiece. Photos upon completion.

Carolyn W. made this lovely semi-Bohus style square.

And this gingham effect one as well.

Barb T, a new knitter, Tackled this blue and yellow textured square, with help from Amy G.

And Linda Joy K. made this striped textured square.

Lots and lots of talent, learning and love have been knit into this blanket. Sounds like a baby's life, doesn't it?


betty said...

lucky students if they have you among them while knitting... (and at the library, of course!)

can't wait to see the completed blanket!

Lolita Blahnik said...

Wow, you got the cutest squares!!! such a lovely blanket you will make!!!
All these students could learn a lot in their knitting-clubs from you. Lucky teens...

persones llanes said...

I can't wait to see the blanket all put together. I'm sure it will be spectacular!