Tuesday, January 10, 2006

On your mark, get set, WAIT!!

I am waiting for the Heilo yarn I ordered for my husband's sweater. Why is it that before I start a big project I feel that I have to clean house, my knitting house that is? I can't just gleefully abandon old projects, to let them molder in some corner? I'm stuck in a project completion mode, trying to "bring to a close" little projects in various knitting bags scattered throughout the house. Of course, I ignore my brother's Alice Starmore aran sweater, where I need to think about how to shape the arms to match the "on the fly" shaping that I optimistically gave to the armholes a year ago. That project is buried deep in my bottom drawer. No, I am concentrating on the little projects that are easy to finish. Like these socks, out of yarn that I bought in Norway in 2001, using my favorite pattern from Socks, socks, socks.

And then there are these Komi mittens, the ones where I cut off the cuff last week. I finally sewed in all the ends.
But, just when I thought I had made progress on knitting equilibrium, I won this lucious 100% merino bulky yarn at knitters' guild last night. Oh, its siren song is calling me to make something out of it, quick, before that big order of Heilo comes in. But, I have more projects to finish.....

And, more progress on the WTBCLB--Square #12 has come in. Geke used a stitch pattern from a Dutch knitting book. And, she gave it to me on the same day that the same pattern, I think, was on my 365 stitch pattern calendar!! January 8.

WTBCLB #13 is from Diana, a beginning knitter, in garter stitch. the color is the lovely light lavender, but both my camera and the monitor have distorted the color. Sorry!

WTBCLB #13 is from Alice, who tried knitting from the center outwards for the first time!

And, Amy used two strands and a diagonal open knit to make the square. WTBCLB #14.


betty said...

i'm totally in love with your blue&green mittens. :)

and this merin yarn... i'm drooling over it! what will you knit with it?

stephanie said...

Those mittens are just about spiritually moving.
(Then again, I have an unnatural attraction to beautiful mittens)