Sunday, November 27, 2005

Project Completion Award Nominations

Award #1: Announcer: We are pleased to present a Project Completion Award to Gail, for her completion of a three color tweed scarf for her brother!

Judges Comments:
Yes, Gail deserves this award for several reasons. First, perseverance. The Garter Slip Stitch III, from 405 Knitting Stitches, Volume 2, Harmony Guides, was boring, boring, boring. And, the stitch sucked yarn like crazy!! Second, this was a Knitting Black Hole Project, KBHP. At times, three hours of knitting resulted in negative progress, a rare occurrence but real nonetheless. Finally, the project was completed BEFORE Christmas, and in time to be sent in ordinary surface mail.

Award #2

Announcer: Gail has also been nominated for a Project Completion Award for her Mittens from Halland, from Marcia Lewandowski's Folk Mittens.

Judge's Comments: I'm sorry, but this nomination doesn't fly. Gail nominated herself for her award. She argues that she has knit enough to make three mittens, not just two. This is the third time she has frogged and re-shaped the top of the mitten, trying to make it anatomically correct while maintaining the integrity of the pattern. A Project Completion Award is for COMPLETION, not the number of stitches knit. Sorry, Gail, nice try, but NO AWARD.

Award #3
In the category of little knitting trinkets, Gail is awarded an Honorable Mention Project Completion Award.
Judge's Comments: Yes, these little do-dads are cute, but they really aren't knitting. The judges were divided on this award. Some argue that Project Completion Awards should be reserved only for items that are hand knit. The pureness of the award should be preserved. Others argue that handmade knitting paraphenalia should be included because it encourages the knitter, and motivates her/him to higher productivity. Until the judges make a firm decision on what qualifies for the awards, we are giving out honorable metions.

Award #4:
Announcer: Gail nominates herself for a Project Completion Award for the decoration of her fireplace mantel in a Christmas motif.
No award has been made.
Judge's comments: That's right. Awards are NOT made for non-knitting related accomplishments.
Gail's comment: Hey, wait a minute. I can't knit 24 hours a day. AND, decorating the mantel for Christmas IS knitting related!! Christmas decorations in the house spur me on to greater speeds in completion of knitted Christmas presents. Plus, I love to knit by candle light on the sofa in front of the fireplace.
Judge's Comments: Nice try, sweetie pie, but no Project Completion Award. You might want to submit this nomination to the House Cleaning and Decoration Award department......


betty said...

hahaha, you made me laugh with this one Gail! :)

I can't wait to see those mittens finished!!! They look incredible!

nadine said...

hahahaha XD

persones llanes said...

I think you deserve awards for all of the above! The stitch markers are really cute!

Mary Beth said...

Those judges are LOSERS! Kudos for all your finished efforts. I love your blog - so many beautiful knits! Welcome to blogland!

Anonymous said...

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