Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Stagnant knitting

Is there anything as sad as stagnant knitting? I haven't had time to knit recently! In a moment of sheer optimism, I invited a number of international students from my graduate program for a post-thanksgiving pot luck on Friday. Luckily, my knitting fairy/goddess was looking out for me!! No one responded to the RSVP by Monday!! I have two choices: I can feel despondent that no one likes me, or I can rejoice that I have more knitting time!!! I take the second choice!!!
Last Saturday I spent the entire day cleaning two rooms of our house in preparation for the now cancelled event. I vacuumed, dusted, washed, polished, moved furniture, put furniture back in place, etc., etc. until I wanted to run away and leave the rest of the cleaning to the cleaning fairy--who doesn't seem to exist!
I am now procrastinating a project due in a course tomorrow, by reading blogs and updating mine.
Meanwhile, my unfinished sock, the almost done scarf, my abandoned sweater and the not yet started baby blanket are all moaning and sobbing in the background, begging for attention and love. Sigh, back to Information Architecture metadata.


betty said...


look at the bright side: you cleaned your house! i think i should invite someone to mine... ;)

and enjoy your unexpected knitting time... today it was my free day, and i haven't knitted a stitch! my finger hurts, sob!

Maureen said...

Hope you made some progress on your projects. Can you come clean my house :)

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