Sunday, November 13, 2005

November 13, 2005

No photos today. I can't bear to take photos of my unfinished projects. If I post a photo, I willl: 1) be embarrassed that I haven't finished it; 2) be embarrassed that it doesn't look as good as I envisioned it would; 3) be embarrassed that I would have to post 2,000 photos to show all of my unfinished projects!! Therefore, please sympathize with me! I can't bear to knit another stitch on a three color, tweed stitch scarf for my brother that seems to suck up knitting time without showing progress; and that I can't bear to measure the sleeves for my brother's aran sweater for fear that the the entire sweater will be too small (can I help it that his girth grew while I was knitting the sweater???); I can't bear to decipher the Dale pattern that tells how to decrease for the sleeves, the neck and the back and the front simultaneously at different rates; and that I would LOVE to cast on for a new project!!!

Also, those of you who have knit for fickle family members, please sympathize with me as well. I am about to insert the thumb in the second of an absolutely beautiful mitten for oldest daughter. The pattern is from Folk Mittens, and I used an angora yarn and Cascade 220 wool. the angora yarn's changing colors, from blue to purple, are irridescent against the deep burgundy of the Cascade 220. Mittens clearly to die for. Unfortunately, daughter #2 has shaken my confidence by declaring quite emphatically that daughter #1 won't like them and won't wear them! Daughter #2 doesn't want them herself. Nevertheless, I took the time to make them and, darn it, they will be wrapped and under the tree as a magnificent Christmas present, knit with love and excitement. If daughter #1 doesn't like them, let her hand's freeze this winter, I say!!


nadine said...

Hello gail!!! i'm so glad that you finally put up a blog!! and with pictures!!! you've learned fast!!! :)

betty said...

Gail, please, make photos of your projects! :) I would love to watch them grow. And if your daughter doesn't like the mittens, just keep them for yourself!! :)