Saturday, November 12, 2005

November12, 2005

My second post!! I'm so excited. I now have a photo of the spectacular Dale christening gown, including the baby Sean Patrick wearing it. I was the godmother and very, very proud. Sean, who didn't realize the value of the new heriloom he was wearing, kept regurgitating milk onto the bodice and kept sucking on the blue ribbons. Luckily, the gown is made from Dale of Norway's cotton Stork, a beautiful 100% cotton yarn that can be machine washed. He was very sweet and cute; his parents loved the gown and as you can see in the photo, I was very proud!!

A little out of date, but still cute, are some pumpkin hats that I made for Sean, his older brother and mother for Halloween time. Older brother refused to wear the hat, Sean kept it on politely. I am still trying to decipher all of the technological aspects of the blog--I through the photo of the pumpkin hats would be HERE, not up there! Sigh.

My knitting time has been cut short by fall yardwork. I planted dozens of tulips and daffodils, hoping for a spectacular show in my gardens come springtime. Knitting time was also cut short by dirty kitchen floor, dirty clothing, leaves needing to be raked, etc., etc. Time to don my housework drudge persona and do some quick cleaning to keep my husband's complaints at bay. How does one convince a husband that knitting time is valuable time, and contributes to the overall good of the universe???


ana j said...

Definitely is a matter of age to appreciate your work. Sean wasn't ready yet or maybe is a male's attitude towards knitting? Oh, no, what on earth made me think this?

Gail, I loved your blog! Congratulations! I look forward to your next entry! Un besazo desde Barcelona.

betty said...

welcome to the blogosphere!!!
i'm so happy you decided to join in!! :)

and by the way, I never have success putting the pictures in my posts through blogger. I always have to cut and place the html in the right place.

you already know this, but the christening gown is great (i was trying to find a better adjective, but i have to learn proficiency english! ;) )

Aeoy said...

Hi Gail
It's nice to see you here.
we even have the same color blog!!

I should update my blog also :0