Tuesday, October 18, 2005

October 18, 2005

The pressure has been on to create my own blog, joining many friends in BlogWorld. General theme: knitting. Tangents: knitting crises, life crises, graduate school crises. Recent accomplishments: completion of knitted lace christening gown, pattern from Dale of Norway. Baby is now 3 months old; hope the gown fits. Christening to take place in ten days! Now is NOT the time for a growth spurt.
Because I do not yet have a photo of the christening gown, I thought I'd share a photo of a shawl I made while taking a break from knitting the christening gown!! This is Hazel Carter's "Violets by the River" shawl, made in Barcelona, Spain, while sipping coffee and claras in Turo Park. I used JaWoll sock yarn!! The pattern was a reminder of the wood violets and the Mississippi and Wisconsin rivers in my native Wisconsin.

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Dad said...

Hi Gail
What a great idea--a blog site. The pics and narrative are terrific!!! You write so well.
I will ear mark the blog site and look forward to all the news from, Gail's Blog.
Love , Dad