Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Race of the unfinished objects

Unfinished Object #1. I started this sweater for myself while waiting for my husband to select the yarn (and pattern) for the famous Christmas sweater. (See March 16 post) It is out of the now-discontinued Dale of Norway Sisik, a blend of mohair, wool, acrylic and rayon. I liked the loft of the yarn and I wanted a light weight cardigan to wear with everything. Unfortunately I am at THAT TIME OF LIFE when truly warm sweaters are out of the question! I am warm more than I am chilled, shall we say.

And, I loved the quilted look texture of this pattern. It's amazing what simple knit and purl stitches can do!! The question is, am I being selfish by completing this sweater first? My last finished object was for me also--the flower basket shawl. (See March 7 post )
Unfinished Object #2. This sweet hooded toddler sweater was started after the last Knitters' Guild meeting on March 13 when Carol Anderson was the speaker. She is the designer for Cottage Creations, which does not seem to have a website. She designs basic items with minimal finishing due to ingenious construction. You can order her patterns from a number of online sources including ThreadBear Fiber Arts Studio.
So, the question is, should this be the first finished object?? It is cute. I can take it with me wherever I go. But, I don't have anyone to give it to. I'm making it just because it is cute!!

Unfinished Ojbect #3. This, of course, is the famous sweater for my husband. Its start was delayed for there weeks due to difficulties selecting the perfect color combination and pattern. I have just started the chest colorwork and, finally, it is getting interesting. Truth be told, I started the toddler hooded sweater because the long stretch of solid blue stockinette, with just a few cables thrown in, was mind numbingly boring!!!
So, the question is, should this be the first finished object?? Or, as some other knitters have suggested, should I take my sweet time, since hubby took so long to make his decisions and nearly caused a divorce in the process???

Hmmmmmm. What do you think? Which object will/should be finished first???

Meanwhile, tomorrow I return to my student teaching for being a school librarian. I completed my 140 hours at a large high school of 2200 students. Tomorrow I will be in an elementary school--sweet joy!! Reading books to young kids, teaching them computer skills, handling children's books. Heaven!!

Now I return to a paper for my Multicultural Children's Literature class on bilingual children's picture books and my Spanish homework of reading a short story by Borges.


betty said...

i would definitely finish the baby hooded sweater first. just because it's cute, and small and interesting.

and then I would cast on some socks, hahahaha. ;)

lene said...

I'm trying to answer something you asked in my blog in here...
We have internet access in our libraries, but I never use them since I can do that at home. I'm the only one in the family who does not have iPod so I don't know about them and the same with e-books. I'm so slow on finding out about new things. I have the most oldfashioned cellular in the family... the only thing that is quite new that I own is my camera. But I'm hoping to get iPod for my birthday. We'll see how it goes and then I must find out new things... I'll post when I'm with the trends.

Your knitting looks truly beautiful!