Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Finishing the Flower Basket Shawl--Step 1

Knitting lace is a great leap of faith. Who would ever guess that this egg carton looking mess would turn into something beautiful??
Especially when the bumpy mess doesn't look any better on the front, than it did on the back??

Soaking themass in water wouldn't seem to help, but it does!! Water, the source of life for lace, as it is for nature. I typically soak items for at least 30 minutes, just to make sure that every fiber gets good and wet. Do not wring dry--wrap the item in a towel, then step on it gently, or jump up and down madly. It doesn't matter. Whatever mood you are in, it can accept.

Fortunately, I have a checked bed sheet I can use for blocking. The squares are regular and I use for rough measurements. First, I pinned the top of the shawl to the sheet and rug underneath, using only a few pins. I made sure that the shawl was stretched evenly from the mid line. I didn't stretch too very much, however. I brushed and smoothed it with my hands to gently ease it into position.
Then I began to pin out the scalloped edging, using the check lines as a guide. I started from the bottom point. I know that some people invest in blocking wires. I've never done that, finding that my method has worked well for what I've made thus far. Perhaps in the future, I'll invest.


betty said...

Gail, this post is great! I'm going to put it as a reference on how to block! :)

the fbs is gorgeous! :)

A+ said...

That is just spectacular. You've inspired me to try lace!