Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Proof positive

Here is proof positive that I completed my Knitting Olympics entry before the closing ceremonies. Can you see the end of the x-c ski races on the television in the background??

And, here is a closeup of the cute star button closure on the shoulder.

I couldn't post a photo before because I was in Colorado, visiting my sisters and my mother, who was recovering from two emergency heart catheterization procedures.
Mom remained very weak while I was there and she continued to have strong pain in her back. However, she improved during the week so that she could walk around the house. Since I left, she started some physical therapy and we hope that will make the back pain go away.

I also finished the Flower Basket Shawl while in Colorado, but haven't had time to block it yet.


betty said...

congratulations on your success and your gold medal, Gail! the sweater is beautiful. :)

...and i'm anxious to see the FBS...

VerĂ³nica said...

Really beatiful, I love the color and the star buttons are funny.

About your Mom, Physical therapy is the best!