Sunday, March 26, 2006

Knit In v. Homework In

Oh, if only I could make knitting an income producing preoccupation, like the Yarn Harlot! I'm not good at pattern design and I'm not good or fast enough to make knitted items for sale. If only someone would be winning to fund my knitting excursions, my good and bad garment attempts and my hours spent drooling over patterns and yarns, I would be happy. I wouldn't have to worry about a "day job", I would only spend time doing things like going to my knitting guild's knit in.

The Knit In was this past Saturday, with Jean Moss as the featured speaker. She was great, with lots of wonderful photos of her designs along with the fabric or art that inspired the design. However, the best part was her answers to questions and her digressions about how she started designing knitwear for Lauren. I did not know that she was also a singer. If you go to her website you can find her CD, which I won as a doorprize. She sings songs about knitting, appropriately enough!. I haven't listened to it yet, but I will.

The Knit In had good attendance, about 120 people registered. We also had working instructional sessions, and I signed up for a Cast On Toolkit. I had learned these different cast ons at one time or another, but I needed a refresher. Like, the cast on that results in the look of a tubular cast on without all the muss and fuss of using waste yarn and casting on either half or double the number of needed stitches, etc.

The Knit In was held in an old seminary , still used the the Catholic Diocese for retreats, meetings, etc. In fact, while the Knit In was going on a large group of men were also on a religious retreat. Our paths never crossed--although more than one knitter thought it was appropriate since knitting is sometimes a religious and meditative experience also.

In the announcement for the Knit In, was an invitation for knitters to stay overnight. For only $32 per night one could get a small room with two beds and a small bathroom. There are lounge rooms as well. I thought a lot of people would be staying, so I reserved a room with a friend. Wrong!! We were the ONLY people in this huge facility!! We had it all to ourselves--NO ONE else around. There were no ghosts, however, and we had a great time getting to know each other better and knitting.

Instead of knitting all day and night, I should have been having my own "homework IN" . Today, Sunday, I need to study Spanish ( Progressive verb tenses in the present, imperfect, preterite, future, conditional indicative and present and imperfect subjunctive!!! Did you know that there are 18 verb tenses in Spanish???!!! And a literature "cuento" by Jorge Luis Borges. URGH! I also have a paper due tomorrow on a multicultural children's literature topic that I haven't started. Oh my. I need my knitting sugar daddy now!!!! Who wants to work when one can knit???


Mary Beth said...

You have one cool guild! Makes me wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

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betty said...

I can understand you... I must furnish my boy's new room... but I keep putting it back so I can knit. He's three and still sleeping in his (big) crib. I'm a bad mum!