Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Ok, the weather outside is frightful, snow is on the ground and it's cold. All good knitters are busy making warm, wooly items for their loved ones. Right? Well, I know that all the knitting bloggers are frantic that their gifts, hand knit with love, are still on the needles! I am relaxed! I just finished my blue and angora mittens for myself. After all, a knitter deserves a reward, doesn't she? Long ago, I abandoned the idea of giving finished objects for Christmas. Rather, I give things still on the needles or in the planning stages. For example, this year I am giving my husband a Dale of Norway sweater, and I haven't even purchased the yarn yet!! I found a pattern and will wrap that in a BIG box. Then, I'll take him to the Local Yarn Shop to select the colors. And, I'll make perhaps a sleeve for Valentine's day, and the torso for his birthday in July, and maybe finish the object for Halloween. See, that way, he will appreciate every stitch, every tear of frustration, every hour spent knitting the sweater. This will be something he will truly appreciate it! Otherwise, if I give him the finished object right away, he will think I knocked it off in two hours flat!!! And he won't properly appreciate it!!

On another note---I just love working on group projects. The finished project is always more than the sum of its parts. currently, I am working on a baby blanket for the baby-to-be of a pastor at our church. Baby #1 is due in late January. A number of knitters in the congregation are making 10 x 10 inch squares, out of one (or more) of four Dale of Norway Baby Ull colors. We will each design our own pattern. Squares are due on January 10. I call this project the Wrap That Baby in a Community of Love Blanket, or WTBCLB.

The first square just came in. Designed and lovingly stitched by Judy, it sets the bar very high for the rest of us. Fair Isle pattern of hearts, cabled hearts in the corner. How cute is that???!!! I have to go back to Barbara Walker to find something!! I know the minister will like anything we make--I taught her to knit two years ago!!

Happy knitting to all and to all a good night!


Linda Joy said...

Talk about setting the bar high! Judy's square is absolutely great, but I refuse to be intimidated. Since we are a community that prizes diversity, I think all the squares will be special, just because of the feelings and spirit that go into making them. Still.....Judy's is gorgeous!

betty said...

Wow, Gail you are SOOOOOOOO wise!!! I will walk on your footsteps! I love the idea of giving a sweater stitch by stitch! :)

And you are right! Judy's square is awesome! I still have to learn a lot! The heart is incredible! :) But I'm sure you will be up to it... remember that christening gown! :O