Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Personal reward

After all my hard work making Christmas presents, I decided to reward myself! I need new mittens.! So, I began these mittens from the book Folk Mittens. The darker blue background yarn is Cascade 220 and the light blue is some angora from my stash. I hope to full them a bit when I finishe them. Meanwhile, with the temperatures here between -2 and +12 degrees (that's -19 and -10 C) my fingers have been begging for something soft and warm.

Meanwhile, on the soft and warm front, I made two slightly funky hard hat liner/earflap hats from sunshineknitdesigns.com. I used Classic Elite's Lush, again from my stash, for both. However, for the light blue one, I had just enough for the hat with about 2 yards/meters left over. However, for the purple one, I was short about 2 yards/meters!! I also used size 6 and 8 needles, since my gauge is loose. I think the hats are very cute, very cozy and will be very warm. My 14 year old, however, thinks they are ugly and she modeled them only to be a good sport--but a warm sport!!

I have been procrastinating the completion of a big project assignment for one of my courses that is due tomorrow. What is it about school work that makes me want to knit???

Keep warm everyone!


betty said...

i used to read my thickest books while studing for exams. :)

i love the hats, i think they have the perfect covering of the ears.

i just can't understand how you can be one of the best 10 cities to live in, with that horrendous weather! ;) i think my blood would froze at -19ÂșC (is that temperature even possible outside Siberia? aren't you pulling my leg?)

Maureen said...

I am crazy about those mittens. I love the color combination. thanks for your thought on the afterthough heel.

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Aeoy said...

Hi Gail,
We will go for ski very soon and I think this helmet hat is perfect for my children to put on their head before the helmet.