Saturday, May 12, 2007

Progress on Shaped Triangle

Time is screaming past me and my projects are having a hard time establishing their priority order. Top on the list should be the completion (rather, the beginning and completion) of a complicated project for my instructional technology class. Second on the list should be studying for my Spanish advanced grammar and composition class. Third should be knitting. However, the knitting seems to creep to the top of the list at all times!! Graduation is on May 20, so I'd better make sure I finish my coursework so that I can actually graduate!

Meanwhile, let me show you which knitting has been putting itself on the top of the list. I've been working on the Shaped Triangle shawl from Gathering of Lace. This is the shawl I started in 2002--but we won't talk about how long the shawl has wallowed.

I love the pattern. And found no problems with it. Only problems were that of execution! Until this week. I did 29 repeats of the 16-row lace edging, and this all proceeded without incident. Then, I got to the center turn. Fortuitously, the stitches all lined up. I had the correct number of stitches, according to the pattern chart. I was so thrilled!!! Thrill turned to tears, however. Look.
The center point of the lace edging did not match up with the center row of yarn overs of the shawl. You can see the three triangles that form the center turn of the lace edging. The center triangle was started two rows too soon. The green line shows the problem. Drats!! What were they thinking?? It all looked great on the charts, but in practice it is off.

So, I did what all good knitters do, I practiced ripping out, one stitch at a time. I will adjust. All knitters know about adjusting--their attitude as well as the instructions.

I'm taking this shawl to Knitting Camp this summer, Meg Swansen's camp, as in EZ's daughter. And as in the editor of Gathering of Lace. We'll discuss what went wrong. In the meantime, I'm reworking the turn of the lace edging at the point. I'll post a photo of what works out.

Meanwhile, shed a few tears for me, please, as I devote the remainder of the glorious weekend (perfect for gardening, bike riding and knitting out of doors) to my course projects.


HPNY Knits said...

that sort of thing (patterns not working) drives me nuts. there was a pattern I tried last year ( a lace novice) and could not make it work, thought it was me, only to read a few month later a pro describe the same thing.
I hope they can "fix" it. its lovely otherwise.

sherriknits said...

I would be happy to shed a few tears for you. Your shawl is just beautiful and I know you want it to be right.
My daughter is a Spanish teacher, she just had an interview for a new job and felt like every bit of Spanish she knows went out the window when they started talking to her in Spanish. lol

Lolita Blahnik said...

lindos patrones!

Lorette said...

That's the sort of thing that would make me want to put the whole thing in a pile in the backyard and set it on fire. Let me know if you need fire-marshal assistance.
Good luck on finishing everything so you can graduate!