Monday, April 17, 2006

Knitting v. Gardening

Trouble in Blogland! I have spent more than 2 hours trying to post this blog!!! It was supposed to have more photos about knitting, etc., etc. Everytime I tried to upload it to post--nothing. The computer froze and crashed!! Here's the part of the blog that I saved. More later this week.

They say that young men's fancies turn to love in spring time, don't they? To what do knitters' fancies turn??? Do we abandon our needles in favor of gardening and long walks in the sweet breezes? Do we abandon our LYS in favor of the LGS (local garden shop)?
I love to wander our neighborhood and look at the yard of those who, obviously, have more time to devote to their gardens than do I. The gardens in these photos are from the gardens of two close-by neighbors. One has the challenge of a steep rocky hillside, which they have filled with scilla and daffodils for the springtime. I long to have a carpet of scilla in my yard as well, but--alas--mine haven't spread as quickly as these have. I would love to sit outside and knit in the midst of these blue carpets.
In fact, I love spring and summer for knitting in the fresh air. I think we should start a movement of knitting in gardens!! Take your yarn and sticks, plop a chair or blanket in the midst of a beautiful garden, and add to the beauty by knitting!!

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betty said...

i have no garden, so i don't abandon my needles... and i long to see the sock blanket! ;)