Sunday, March 29, 2009


In a few short months, my precious Daughter #2 will flap her wings and head off for college. This fledging has been a wonderful chick in our nest. She was an inquisitive and excited little sprite who danced and pranced her way into life. She's been a devoted child, who still loves to spend time with her older parents, charming them with her tender heart, hard work and good spirit. Although normally I love the transition of winter to spring, with the lengthening daylight , this year it is bitter sweet. I know that her time with us is shorter and shorter.

Daughter #2 has delighted us with her love of choral music. She began singing in a choir at age 4 and now participates in four choirs! She loathes solos, but finds that choral participation is the only time she truly relaxes--and buries herself in the intertwining melodies. This month, as last year, she scored a "#1" in the regional competition of solo and ensemble vocal music. This means she will go to the state level competition again--something that makes her very proud.

My precious girl is on the right, one of her good friends (a superb soprano) is on the left. They sing in three choirs together.

My daughter selected her college of choice based on their fabulous choral music program. She does not want to major in music, but she wants to continue to take voice lessons and to participate in a hard-working and excellent choir. Unfortunately, although this college accepted her, it did not offer her a scholarship. Two other colleges accepted her and offered her scholarships. We have some tough decisions to make. I would love to stop time and to keep this precious daughter at home for years to come. But, her time has come to flutter her wings and we all have to let go. Sigh.

Meanwhile, on the knitting front, I've also been experiencing some frustrations. Last year I started a Dale of Norway sweater for myself. It's in my favorite color--red! But, it took back seat to items for other people. I started with the sleeves and only finished the sleeves. After completing the Shetland Garden Faroese Shawl, I dug out the red sweater. (after I located it, that is. For a few panic-ed weeks I was sure that I had lost it. Found it in the back of a closet.)

When I pulled on the sleeves I realized the truth about why I stuffed the project into the back of a closet! The cuffs were too tight! I couldn't hide from facts--I needed to re-knit the cuffs. There was no way around it. I got out the scissors.

I cut off the cuffs and then picked up the stitches and re-knit the cuffs going down, rather than up. That means that the cuff's edge was bound off rather than cast on. See---

Trust me, it looks better in person.
My cut-and-pick-up-stitches solution worked for only sleeve #1. For some reason, the textured stitches of sleeve #2 refused to cooperate. I finally gave into my fate. Here's sleeve #2.

That is what Tiur yarn looks like after being knit into a textured sleeve, sitting one year in the back of a dark closet, and being ripped out. Kind of like spiral pasta soaked in tomato sauce. The solution?
A good long soak in wool wash, hanging to dry, winding and re-knitting.

Here's sleeve #2--version #2. What's wrong with this picture?

Notice the pink chain where the cuff should be? Because cuff #2 on sleeve#1 was knit DOWN rather than UP, I didn't want to knit cuff #3 on sleeve #2 UP rather than DOWN. I didn't want two different looking and different feeling cuffs. So, I cast on provisionally, using pink yarn for a crochet chain. After taking this photo, I picked up the live stitches as I undid the chain, took out my smaller needles and knit the cuff for sleeve #2 for the second time. Then, I finished sleeve #2 for the second time and I have two complete sleeves back in the knitting bag. Back to where I started two weeks ago. Definitely a knitting time warp!

Now, on to the body!


kate said...

I have 9 more years before I start thinking about those transitions, so I will just skip over that part because I don't want to think about it!! (But yeah for a love of choir participation.)

As to the sweater ... isn't it funny how we leave something for so long because of a frustration and yet, when we get down to it, we know how to fix it and it doesn't take as long nor is it as obnoxious as we had anticipated? And yet, next time we are likely to do the same thing and leave it!

Well done on fixing the sleeves, can't wait to see the rest of the sweater!

Lorette said...

Your daughter is a lovely young woman!

And good work on those sleeves. That will be a great sweater.

Anonymous said...


Ya lo dices bien, es un tiempo de cambio y cuesta hacerse a la idea pero es su momento de volar. Maddie esta preciosa y espero que acierte en su eleccion de college. Por suerte Diana ha elegido una universidad que esta aqui pero aun asi sigue siendo un cambio impresinante. Se han hecho mayores y casi no nos hemos dado cuenta, snif snif...

Your knitting work is fantastic! Keep on! Muchos besos desde el otro lado del Atlantico,

Ana Janssen

Anonymous said...

¡Qué contenta me he puesto! ¡Acabo de leer tus comentarios! Fijate que habían sido movidos automáticamente a la carpeta de spam. Iba a borrar el correo no deseado y...
Gracias por tus visitas. Las cosas que tejes me inspiran un montón de sensaciones. ¡Cómo me gusta visitar otros hogares!. Encantada de conocer a tu familia y a las artesanas Sandy y a Jennie "the Potter"... :D

Anonymous said...

What a mess with sleeves and cuffs!
The body will be more amenable. (I wish it would!)

¡Vaya jaleo de puños y mangas!. El cuerpo será más dócil (espero)


Penélope said...

Me da un poco de verguenza dejar tres comentarios seguidos (Soy Penélope)pero he leido tu comentario en el blog de Pilar y no puedo dejar de comentarte lo simpático que parece tu marido! :)
Alguna vez he intentado que el mio pose ante la cámara con alguna de mis... "creaiones" (pon muchas ""), pero él se niega en redondo. (suspiro...)

=Tamar said...

Not quite where you started. The cuffs are now the right size. Knit on!