Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dre-ee-ee-ee-am, dream, dream, dream, dream...

As I'm finishing the socks for daughter #2 and for my father, I've been dreaming of what I can make for myself after I finish those socks and my husband's sweater. I can't decide what to make.
What are my criteria? Well, I want it to be something I will wear a lot; something that a grey-haired woman of a certain age can wear without looking like she is finding lost youth; something that is challenging to knit, and something for which I can use stash yarn.

I haven't mentioned this before, but I long for a new sewing machine. Mine was purchased when husband #1 sold his French horn in 1971 and purchased me a snazzy Singer Touch and Sew. That machine has sewn miles and miles, to the moon and beyond. In recent years I haven't sewn much, but I can't imagine life without a sewing machine ready to do its job. Mine still sews, but only after a fashion. At any rate, I figure if I don't buy yarn this year, I can save enough for a nice Pfaff that has the dual feed feature. Therefore, I must knit from my voluminous stash.

But, I digress.

Here is a pattern in the recent KnitPicks. I like the loose neck that stands up. I can wear a turtleneck underneath to keep warmer. (This is Wisconsin, after all). I love cables. But, maybe I would vary the cables used rather than use the same one over and over and over and over....

Or, how about this airy little cowl from Knitty. I could use this when it wasn't too windy here in the upper Midwest. I would look like some heiress from an English novel.
Now, this zipper and hooded jacket is lovely. I like the cables on the sleeves. I might add a cable panel up the front as well. And, maybe I'd make it a bit longer. I like the idea of a zipper, but I think I might do an applied I-cord on the edges before putting in the zipper.
I've been to Meg Swansen's knitting camp twice and I've always longed to make one of the old, classic shetland sweaters. This photo is not a good selection of colors, in my opinion. But, I would love to design a color combination of my own. And, I might make the model with a placket neck opening. And, maybe a little decoration around the bottom of the sweater. But, that might draw attention to my hips and stomach that are wider than desired these days.
And, I've always longed to make this Rogue pullover. I have some lovely pale blue angora/merino yarn as well as a more vibrant blue. I can't recall whether I purchased the yarn from Mielke's or from Kimmet Croft, another Wisconsin small family business that makes wonderful angora/wool yarn. Upon further thought, I think it is Kimmet Croft's fairy hare, a yarn I've wanted to use for years. (I don't think they have a website, alas!)

Of course, there are thousands of potential projects to choose from. I've always wanted to make a Bohus sweater, and something from Meg Swansen's "Sweaters from Camp" and one of the Dale of Norways sweaters in the 12+ booklets that I have, or.......

What's your next knitting project for yourself?? How did you select it??


gail said...

This is a message for Mia, who left a comment on an old post from Barcelona. Mia, I can't send an email directly to you and I also couldn't access your blog. Mia, you are very sweet to say such lovely things. We lived in Barcelona for one year in 2004-05. We returned for a visit in summer 2006. We love Barcelona and have a few good friends there. If you ever go back, let me know and I will tell you about the places we loved.

Cindy G said...

I don't have a project for myself lined up, but I think I would like it to be a nice bulky cardigan - Wisconsin winter, say no more.

HPNY Knits said...

fantastic choices! looking forward to seeing them on your blog!