Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sockapalooza and deadlines

I met the deadline. Honest I did. I finished my Sockapalooza socks long before August 1. In fact, I finished them before July 3. I wrapped them up with a bar of chocolate from Barcelona, Spain, personally delivered by Betty who visited me from July 3 until July 13 and who attended Knitting Camp with me. I even wrapped them up with a little bag to hold sock knitting on my sock pal's wrist so that she can knit socks while walking. And, I included cookie cutters for making heart cookies of varying sizes. After all, don't all knitters love cookies???

But, did I take photos of all these delights and post them??? No! Why?? Well, to tell the truth, I wasn't organized enough. But, I did take photos of the socks (worn on my legs that show stubble! Ugh!!)

I made short spring, summer, early fall socks. I love the scalloped cuff made by the chevron design.
The chevron design makes the cotton/wool/nylon yarn hold a snug shape on the foot. And the terra cotta, brown, gold and peach-y colors went well, I hope, with my sock pal's home in New Mexico. I never make exact match socks with self striping yarn. I like the slight randomness given by not matching exactly. I figure if I wanted exact matching socks I would purchase them.

Oops, there's another photo of the socks. Look closely at the balls of the feet. Can you see htat I added two sections of short rows on the balls of the feet? This is to add more sock and more yarn where one needs it--on the blump of the ball of the foot where many of us wear out the socks. Adding a few more rows results in less stretch and stress on that part of the sock and no more holes!
I didn't take the chevron/lace pattern into the toe portion of the sock. I did that once on a pair of my socks and the lacy yarn overs quickly wore thin and I had to duplicate stitch the entire toe area.

My sock pal already received her socks and says they fit! Whew!! After knitting her socks, I became jealous of her receiving new cotton/wool/nylon shortie socks. I wear the shortie socks in the summer when the weather is a little cool or when going to air conditioned movie theaters and the like. So, I make myself a pair while travelling in Idaho and Washington the past three weeks. But, I wasn't yet organized to take a photo to post!
Truth be told, I haven't yet unpacked and I don't know where my camera is!!!!


Lynda said...

Wow they look great! And I never noticed any stubble until you mentioned it! You are really traveling and making the most of your summer!

yvette said...

They are very cute socks, I like that the chevron top.