Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late

OK, I finished my Socktoberfest socks within October, but didn't post them before November. Hope that doesn't disqualify me from whatever fame and glory I would have received with a timely post. I made these socks with Melenweit sock yarn using Lucy Neatby's Mermaid Sock pattern. I love how the diagonal pattern makes the socks look like mini entrelac.
I'm also late to post a Halloween photo of Daughter #2 carving her bat theme pumpkin. She decided she was too old (15) to trick or treat, but she loved carving the pumpkin and handing out candy!!
This next photo is crappy, I know. The photos with flash were just as bad as the photos without flash. It is ANOTHER FINISHED OBJECT!!!! It a completed cardigan for ME, the one I started about one year ago, using the now discontinued Sisik yarn. I am posting the lousy photo so that I can check another project off of my unfinished object list!!!! I've been wearing the cardigan for several weeks now and it is warm and comfy.

Yes, I'm making progress working through my seemingly unsurmountable pile of unfinished projects. Now, my mind and the house feel less cluttered. I can take a big knitterly sigh of fresh air, free from the pollution of moldy old projects!! I'm not completely done with my list...... the shaped shawl from Meg Swansen's lace book and the dale or norway for my husband. But, since I've made such good progress, I've started Christmas presents. Whoopee!!! More new projectys on the needles.

But, the most important completed project is in the last photo.
The completed Aran cardigan for my brother. He gets out of the hospital tomorrow!! Sweater was completed 10 days ago. The weather is warm, so he won't need to wear a coat over the sweater for his ride home. In case you haven't been following, my brother had a stroke a month ago. I pulled this unfinished cardigan from my unfinished object stash and got down to business. I started it for him as a Christmas present, FOUR years ago!! I couldn't believe it!! I hoped to knit him into good health by finishing the sweater. At least I've knit him out of the hospital. He still hasn't learned to walk without a walker and without great effort. But, he can move his legs into a lurching walk, with all muscles clenched tightly. He still can't see well, but he has clear sight for very short periods; thus, he hopes that his double vision will resolve at some point. He has very limited energy, but he is very, very excited to be going home. Welcome home, younger brother!!!


betty said...

wow! your brother's cardigan is awesome! congratulations on his recovery!

by the way, I am amazed at that beautifully carved pumpkin. how can you cut such hard shell?

Warrior Knitter said...

The socks are lovely. It's slow going on my mermaid's but I'm still hangin' in there.
Your blue sweater is pretty. I like how you did the sleeves.
Your brother's cardigan is gorgeous. All those heavenly cables. I love doing cables.
As always your knitting is beautiful.

I'm glad that your brother is doing better.

That is a very cool pumpkin.

Jan said...

I really like your socks. And your brothers cardigan is very nice. Maybe it will "wrap him in love" when he wears it. I know that sounds corny but a friend of mine wraps herself in her mother's old stuff when she needs to feel like her mother is holding her again. She says it feels like her mother is hugging her and it helps her get through the hard times. Maybe your sweater will help him get through his hard times.

HPNY Knits said...

I LOVE the mermaid socks. wow. I have admired this pattern, and bought the book for it, and yours is a magnificent example!

the cardi for bro. is wonderful. best wishes for him, and hope he has a good recovery!