Monday, September 25, 2006

Lucy Neatby, my hero; and progress!!

I love Lucy Neatby's patterns. She is creative, whimsical and interesting. A Lucy Neatby pattern is never, never boring. Knitting the item may take forever, but the experience is never boring. I have completed the first of her Mermaid Socks from Cool Socks, Warm Feet (see link in previous entry); they provide the best fit of any sock I have made to date--and I've made at lest 60 pair. It would help, however, if I followed the pattern! She clearly and unequivocally says to cast on 15 stitches for the sideways garter stitch cuff. Somehow, I was convinced that the pattern said 30 stitches. 142 garter stitch rows on size 0 needles (2 mm) was tedious and boring, but I had faith in Lucy. I wondered why my garter stitch cuff looked so much bigger than hers, but I figured she folded hers down, like the bobby socks days. When I checked the pattern today to begin sock #2, I realized that I had totally misread the pattern. My mistake completely. Forgive me, Lucy, for ever doubting you!!!
Do you think I can count these two as a FO of a pair of socks?? Or, do I need to make two more socks, and then have two FO's????
This, however, is definitely a FO. It is the accursed vest that I described in my previous blog. It was made out of Mission Falls wool, and is the Main Vest from Quinte Scrapbook. (link in previous blog.) I think it turned out very well, and just in time for Wisconsin Fall.
And, I love my buttons. They are pewter teapots and cups! In my non-knitting life I collect teacups and saucers--antique and new.

Above is a recent FO that I forgot to list in my UFO list in my previous entry. It is a wide ribbon yarn from Phildar that I purchased this summer at Galleries Lafayette in Paris! It made a thick vibrant scarf--I used a wrap and drop stitch so that the fabric would be more flexible. I had finished knitting the scarf weeks ago, but never worked in the ends. I ended up taking a sewing needle and thread to sew the ends to adjacent stitches--to avoid frayed edges sticking out.
My Debbie Bliss lace alphabet baby blanket is nearly done. (link to book is in my previous entry.) I absolutely love, love, love it. As you can see, I have completed the entire inside alphabet of the blanket. I am using a smooth white yarn for the lace edging.
I have completed three sides of the knitted on lace, and have one long side to go. I hope to have that side completed by the end of the week--for a third FO!!!! Then, I will start alphabet blanket #2. My daughter's choir director is having twins!!!!!
Oh no, wait, wait. I made a vow. No new projects on needles until I finish all of my UFO's. That means, I will need to work on the Dale of Norway sweaters--one for myself and one for my husband. Rats!! I really like working on these baby blankets!!
It is fall here in Wisconsin and the Monarch butterflies are on their way to Mexico, passing through.
And, the Thai Pavillion in our botanical gardens is a glowing contrast to the fall colors in the garden. Here it is reflected in its pool. That's real gold leaf that covers it in its entirety.

And, a photo from the garden's kaleidoscope. The lens is pointed at a revolving dish of plants.

Keep finishing those UFO's!!


Warrior Knitter said...

Somehow you & I both are channeling Lucy Neatby but me, not so good (see my 9/25 post).

A while ago I decided I wanted to learn how to knit toe up & I chose the Crenellated Sock pattern. I futzed with the toe part off & on today but could not connect with that part of the pattern. That waste yarn thing up the sides is a pain. I haven't read your archives so I don't if you normally knit toe up or cuff down. If you knit toe up, any suggestions??

If not, I'm going to merrily do the Mermaid socks & save the toe up part for a future pair. The extra long cuff looks kind of neat. I love both the yarns. I wasn't going to do the sideways cuff, but now maybe I will. It looks fiddly but maybe I'll give it a shot. I've never grafted before so I'll learn lots of things with this pair.

The Potamous socks are on Knitty, I think. They're on long list of socks to do. Here's the link:

You are really into this no UFO will be left behind thing! Those buttons are really cute. I like stuff like that.

That blanket is really neat. I would base starting the 2nd blanket on when the choir director is due but would actually consider the 2nd blanket part of the "whole" project. So when the first blanket is done, you're really only half done. Yep, I am an enabler.

And you are an amazing knitter.

betty said...

ooooh! those buttons!

and i love love love the alphabet blanket! can you tell me where to find it, please?

Debi said...

Everything in the post was beautiful gail! I especially love those cute buttons!

Feeling ok?

Sujaree said...

Hi Gail,

You are producing many wonderful things. Very nice.

The Thai Sala is beautiful.

by the way, I just want you to see this site.

hope you like it

Kim in Oregon said...

Love the mermaids.

HPNY Knits said...

Lucy Neatby-I have wanted to make the mermaid socks forever! I will be taking a class with her in October, I am excited!
way to go with the FO!! (but sorry, the non-matching socks are great, but don't count...)
the tea buttons are adorable!