Thursday, July 27, 2006

BCN Ch. 2: Windows and Doors

I never really liked windows and doors until I went to Europe. The windows and doors there are outstanding. I don't know whether I like them because of their metaphoric quality, or because they are simply beautiful.

If the eyes are windows to the soul, are windows and doors the "eyes" to culture?? When I longingly look at the windows and doors of Barcelona, am I seeking an understanding of what it is like to live in and belong to a large European city? Am I metaphorically putting myself into the apartment, building or store by photographing the beauty? Do I want to go inside the building, or am I content to stay, admiringly, outside?

I don't know the answers to these questions, but I'd like to invite you to admire a few windows and doors of Barcelona with me.
This photo is from a chocolate store called "Xocoa". The style is "modernista". I don't know if the stained glasswork is old or new--but made to look old. If you ever visit Barcelona, check out one of the Xocoa stores and purchase some of their Jamaican Pepper Chocolate--made with pepper!!
I don't recall what building this is from, but the entry is pretty forboding and powerful! Wouldn't you love to wave to the throngs below from the window above the door?? Dressed in a lace mantilla and fluttering a fan??
Another chocolate/pastry shop!! Modernista style mosaic and stained glass. How can you not stop in to purchase some decadent pastry, or some chocolate to sooth your soul???
I'd love to live in this apartment building, if only to walk through these inner doors every day.
This window overlooks the back of the Boqueria market. Not a very scintillating view. But, at least, the apartment can catch some air on occasion, even if laden with smells from the fish stands. In the morning, you can drape your blankets over the railing to air out. Or, maybe, that is a beach towel on the left. Many, many years ago I was a student in Switzerland for a summer and rented a room from a single woman. Every morning, I carefully made my bed. One morning my landlady chastised me for making my bed so quickly in the morning, and covering up the night vapors. These Americans, she exclaimed, don't have any manners or good sense. Everyone knows, she continued, that one must hang the bedding out the window every morning, to air, for good health!!
Not many apartments in Barcelona have clothes dryers. Many windows sport clotheslines.
Sometimes its the stucco between the windows that is appealing. How I would love to have decorated stucco next to my bedroom window!! Wouldn't the decorations ensure sweet dreams??
Arriving home to Wisconsin, however, we found this view out of our bedroom window. A fierce thunderstorm knocked down many trees. This one fell onto the roof of our garage, and our patio. Luckily, neither the roof nor my gas grill (hidden under the brances) were injured. Getting rid of the huge tree top has been quite challenging. Hubby is not good with a chain saw, but we have hired a young man who not only has a chain saw but is a forester. We may need to hire someone with a truck and "cherrypicker" as well!!


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