Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Too Frazelled to Knit!!

Making a mistake in real life is much more difficult to repair than a knitting mistake. No "frogging" in real life!! No ability to simply rewind, and love the moment over, doing the right thing on the second go around.
We (husband, 14-year-old and I) were supposed to leave for Barcelona Spain last Saturday. Friday night we were copying our passports and discovered that our daughter's passport had expired!! Last month!! Take note, all of you international travellers. Children's passports are issued for only FIVE years, not ten years like adult passports. What to do?? Besides feel incredibly, incredibly stupid!! Daughter held up well; no weeping or carrying on. Husband was the one carrying on, anxiety ridden, etc., swearing, wondering whether the trip was doomed, etc. etc.
Unfortunately, nothing could be done until Monday. I did the best thing possible--convinced Husband that he should take the scheduled flight to Barcelona and I would sort things out on the home front.
So, husband took the Sat. a.m. flight . On Sunday I called the passport agency's hotline for making appointments to get emergency passports. I got an appointment for July 3. Not good. Not at all good. But, I kept my cool and my daughter and I went to the zoo!
On Monday morning I called our U.S. senator's office. By 9:00 they had arranged an appointment for me at the passport office in Chicago--a three hour drive away--at 12:30. By 9:15 I had awoken the 14 year old and we were in the car heading for the Windy City. By 4:00 p.m. we had her passport in hand. Also by 2:30 we had new reservations for tomorrow at no extra cost and with no penalty!! We couldn't believe it.
The trip home from Chicago was at a modest and relaxed 65 m.p.h., unlike the mad dash down there.

Normally, in times of crisis I knit. I was too upset to knit much this weekend. I couldn't even concentrate on garter stitch. Nevertheless, I made two more squares for my full body sock blanket--it now has 56 squares!! When finished, it should have 108 squares. I need to find more knitters with left over sock yarn to share!!

I am now running last minute errands, packing yarn for the trip and getting ready to start my new Violets by the River shawl.

I will provide a travelblog here along with Violets by the River progress at various European sites. I figured a sock in the photos would not have enough "class' for Barcelona and Paris. (Sorry, Stephanie!). Rather, a lovely lace shawl would be just the right thing....

Oh, about the cow--The Cow Parade has come to our town. We saw Cows on Parade in Barcelona in spring 2005. Here in Wisconsin, the cows are decorated more on a cow theme--since this is the Dairy State!! The Barcelona cows were very artistic. These cows are, well, cows!


betty said...

I have leftover sock yarn!!!! :D

Ulla M Holm said...

Dear Gail,
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love your work too. I may consider writing in English. What a horror story about the passport. Last year I got an emergency passport since the passport agency had lost the one I ordered just before a trip. I neede this passport for several consequtive trips, but the passport control wanted to keep the emergency one after my first trip - in a very humiliating tone. After a long, heated discussion I was alowed to keep it. In the meantime I got back the lost one so now I have two.

You are a very courageous woman, keeping calm appearance for your daughter but being too upset even to knit inside. I understand you.

I have also left over sock yarn for your beautiful blanket. But I am afraid the customs may charge you.

pinky said...

Have a great trip! Very impressive how you handled the passport situation.

Seriously, if you need leftover sock yarn, I'd be happy to help. Just put out the word and I'm sure little balls of fluff will come raining down.

Lorette said...

Oh my. I'm not sure I would have been able to keep my cool in that situation. Glad it's all taken care of, though, and that everybody gets to go. I can't wait to hear about the fun parts of the trip.
I'm off to check our passport dates.

HPNY Knits said...

Nerves of steel and amazing ingenuity with the passport AND the full body sock blanket looks fantastic! I really love it.
have fun in Paris and also go to Le Bon Marché at 24 rue de Sevres.

Tilkkusisko said...

Hi Gail!
I love your leftover sock yarn blanket! It's going to be fabulous. I have some leftover sock yarn I could share. Could you please send me your name and address. My e-mail address is perhiksentyttis@yahoo.co.uk

Anonymous said...

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